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Webrazzi Kariyer

Growth Marketing Specialist

Webrazzi Kadıköy / İstanbul
Çalışma Şekli:
Tam Zamanlı
Webrazzi is the leading technology media company in the EMEA region, skillfully uniting media, venture capital, and technology. Our distinguished media arms, Webrazzi and, provide insightful commentary and analysis within the tech and startup space. Our investment arm, Webrazzi Ventures, champions and nurtures high-potential startups. In addition, our technology branch, Webrazzi Tech, innovates by developing proprietary products. Recognizing market potential, we often transform these in-house products into standalone brands.

Desired Skills & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree from a top-tier university.
  • 3-4 years of experience in digital performance marketing and data analysis.
  • Proficient understanding of digital analytics.
  • Analytical and creative mindset with an ability to think 'outside the box'.
  • Familiarity with performance marketing tools and online reporting.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Strong problem-solving capability with a growth hacking approach.
  • Ability to stay updated with new trends and technologies.
  • Proficiency in data analysis tools, including Excel, SQL, and PowerPoint.
  • Self-starter with the ability to manage third-party stakeholders and business partners.
  • Time management skills with a multidisciplinary approach.
  • Result-oriented and proactive decision-making ability.

Job Description:

  • Execute brand and performance marketing strategies for growth.
  • Continuously manage and optimize SEM, SEO, social media, and display network performance.
  • Collaborate with IT to enhance SEO performance and increase organic traffic.
  • Proficiently manage ad platforms such as Google, Meta, and LinkedIn…etc.
  • Analyze data to identify trends and opportunities to boost sales and performance.
  • Implement both inbound and outbound marketing tactics.
  • Stay updated with new media/channel/technology and recommend their usage.
  • Continuously monitor and optimize digital analytics to achieve objectives.
  • Enhance digital funnels, implementing both onsite and offsite improvements.
  • Stay informed about technology trends in web analytics.
  • Recommend and analyze A/B testing.
  • Foster strong relationships with third-party entities.
  • Strategically plan and implement campaign management processes.
  • Forecast and assess the impact of all marketing activities.

If you're a dynamic Growth Marketing Specialist with a flair for unlocking unprecedented growth channels and scaling digital avenues, then Webrazzi eagerly awaits you. Dive into the epicenter of the EMEA tech and media scene with us. At Webrazzi, we don't merely observe the rapid advancements in technology and media; we actively sculpt and redefine them. Seize the opportunity to be at the forefront of digital evolution and make an indelible mark on the global tech media space. Embrace the future. Apply today!

Başvuru Şekli

Interested candidates are invited to send their CVs to [email protected] for consideration.
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