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Webrazzi Kariyer

DevOps Engineer

Colendi İstanbul
Çalışma Şekli:
Hybrid - Tam Zamanlı

About Colendi

Colendi is looking for individuals to join us in Istanbul who share our vision to empower every individual whatever their background. We aim to give people financial freedom by financial inclusion in a simple, easy to access way. Our goal is to empower the unempowered, make the complicated simple, and enable every person to access the best financial assets for them.

We have big ambitions to which we get nearer by every step we take and every person we add to our team. We believe in a fairer world where everybody is accepted without any prejudice. Equality and meritocracy are what we believe in and what we want to spread the world. Change comes from hard working creative minds, if you are one of them; sharing our dream and wanting to change the financial world for the better, we are on a path where we need like-minded people.

We are looking for an enthusiastic DevOps Engineer who will work alongside our Technology  team during day-to-day operations. If you are eager to effectively make an impact on financial well being of people and are passionate about fintech, neobanking and changing ways people interact with financial markets this job is for you.


Experience with Linux operating systems,

Experience with cloud services such as AWS, GCP,

Experience with on-premise systems,

Experience with container and orchestration services such as Kubernetes (Openshift, Rancher, EKS), Docker,

Experience with monitoring, alerting and logging such as Cloudwatch, Grafana, Prometheus, ELK,

Knowledge of load balancers such as nginx, HAProxy,

Experience with configuration management tools such as Chef, Ansible, SaltStack, Puppet,

Skilled in scripting in Bash, Python, Go or other related languages,

Experience with CI/CD pipelines and methodologies such as GitLab, AWS CI/CD (CodePipeline, CodeDeploy),

Familiarity with MySQL, Elastic Search,

Familiarity with Terraform,

Knowledge of NoSQL databases such as Couchbase, MongoDB, DynamoDB.

What you’ll love;

VIP Meal Card,

Welcome Package,

Syndrome Free Monday,

Happy Fridays,

No Dress Code,

and much more.

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