Apple, iPhone ile çekilen en iyi fotoğrafları sergiliyor

Apple, iPhone ile çekilen en iyi fotoğrafları sergiliyor

Dünyanın her yerinden yetenekli kullanıcılar iPhone ile çektikleri fotoğrafları, Apple'ın düzenlediği Shot on iPhone Challenge yarışması için Instagram ve Twitter hesaplarında paylaştı. Bu yarışmanın kazananı olan 10 fotoğraf ise belirli şehirlerdeki reklam panolarında, Apple Store’larda ve internette sergilenmeye hazırlanıyor.

iPhone Xs Max’ten iPhone 7’ye kadar birçok farklı modelle çekilen fotoğraflar, hem fotoğrafların güzelliği ve kalitesiyle iPhone ürün serisindeki kameraların kalitesini öne çıkarıyor. Dolayısıyla Shot on iPhone Challenge yarışmasının kullanıcılara iPhone'un özelliklerini yeniden hatırlatmak üzere tasarlandığını söyleyebiliriz.

Yarışmaya Singapur, Almanya, Beyaz Rusya, İsrail ve ABD gibi birçok ülkeden fotoğrafçının katılım gösterdiğini belirtelim.  Açıkçası bu durum iPhone fotoğrafçılarının küresel çaptaki yaygınlığını bir kez daha gösteriyor. Renkli şehir manzaralarından meraklı hayvanlara, yaratıcı yansımalardan durağan detaylara kadar fotoğraflarda bir çok farklı konu işleniyor.

Tanınmış profesyonel fotoğrafçılar Pete Souza, Austin Mann, Annet de Graaf, Luísa Dörr, Chen Man, Phil Schiller, Kaiann Drance, Brooks Kraft, Sebastien Marineau-Mes, Jon McCormack ve Arem Duplessis’ten oluşan uluslararası jüri, seçtikleri bu fotoğraflara dair görüşlerini de paylaşıyor. Gelin kazananlara hep birlikte göz atalım.


Alex Jiang (ABD) iPhone XS Max

Blake Marvin (ABD), iPhone XS Max

Darren Soh (Singapur), iPhone XS Max

Nikita Yarosh (Beyaz Rusya), iPhone 7

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Rupture . . #theshapesseries + #ShotoniPhone

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Dina Alfasi (İsrail), iPhone X

Elizabeth Scarrott (ABD), iPhone 8 Plus

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I still cannot put into words my excitement being selected as one of 10 winners for the Shot on iPhone Challenge. I can’t believe my photo was judged, let alone even seen by the international panel of judges! Pete Souza, the former Chief Official White House Photographer for Presidents Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama actually commented on my photo!?! As well as Brooks Kraft, who covered the White House during the Bush and Obama administrations. It is all just so surreal! What did I win? My photo will be featured on Apple billboards in select cities, Apple retail stores, Apple’s Website and social media accounts... Plus it was featured on the Today Show! I never dreamed of any of this happening when I entered this contest. I’m just a stay at home mom who enjoys taking photos on my iPhone, so being selected with this group of 9 professional photographers is such an honor! I can’t wait to see what the future holds and I’ll keep everyone updated. Thanks to my friends and family for cheering me on! Special thanks to @apple for selecting my photo! And to @shawnmaltsberger for sending me a link to enter Ahhhh!!

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Andrew Griswold (ABD), iPhone XS

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Every year I make my way through as many Oscar nominated films as I possibly can while posting images inspired by those films I’ve watched thus far. Having finished the unbelievably fresh and colorful true story in Green Book last night, it’s one of my favorites so far. Starring Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali, the story takes the two unlikely characters as they drive through the deeps south in the 1960’s as Ali’s character performs classical music for high end clients and Mortensen is hired as his driver and protector. Such an outstanding true story and one that feels serious but very bright and welcome in the mix of darker films in recent years. What are some of your favorite movies of 2018? Let me know in the comments below! // #GrisDoesTheOscars @TheAcademy #ShotOniPhone @Apple #iPhoneXs . Shot on iPhone Xs and edited in @VSCO . Original graffiti art by based in Chicago. Check out his page to see his work and the full perspective on this spot in the background. ✌🏻

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Bernard Antolin (ABD), iPhone XS Max

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LieAdi Darmawan (ABD), iPhone XS

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So honored and flattered to be chosen as one of the winners of the latest Shot on iPhone Challenge!! 🙏🏻😊🥰 This picture was taken from my last backpacking trip in Colorado’s San Juan National Forest. On my second evening of backpacking in the Colorado wilderness, I decided to hike up to the ridge right next to the Ulysses S. Grant Peak for a sunset shot (right after a nap that is). The Ulysses S. Grant Peak itself stands at about 13,767 ft, so I was just a few feet below that! I wasn't sure what to expect as the temperature started to drop and the sun light started to fade. I was the only one left up there, where a few others had long descended down and left. Boy, was I glad to stay there long enough to witness the clouds and jagged peaks started to light on fire during the golden hour—it was such a spiritual experience! Descending down in the dark, equipped only by a headlamp, was not an easy task. I fell down a couple times trudging through steep sandy terrain. I even missed my campsite by a few hundred yards. But looking back, it was all worthwhile.

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