The number of repositories on GitHub has exceeded 100 million

GitHub announced that it has exceeded 100 million repositories. The platform that has been purchased by Microsoft last June, for 7.5 billion dollars, is being used by around 30 million developers worldwide. As you know,…


IBM makes the largest software purchase in history by paying 34 billion dollars to Red Hat

IBM announced that it purchased Red Hat, an open source cloud computing business, by paying 190 dollars cash per share. IBM paid 34 billion dollars in cash to buy Red Hat. The agreement, approved by both IBM and Red Hat's…


NetOP, which provides internet of things solutions, has received 2 million euro investment

In the recent years, NetOP, which aims to develop products and services in the Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN), has received an investment of 2 million euros. Founded by Olcay Taysı in July of 2017, NetOP has a management …


New SaaS-based analytics platform Rakam analyzes over a billion actions a a month

Rakam is a SaaS-modelled analytic substructure who keeps getting tractions recently in Turkey and around. Reportedly analyzing over a billion action a month, Rakam draws attention as an open source library as well as promising …

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