New SaaS-based analytics platform Rakam analyzes over a billion actions a a month

New SaaS-based analytics platform Rakam analyzes over a billion actions a a month

Rakam is a SaaS-modelled analytic substructure who keeps getting tractions recently in Turkey and around. Reportedly analyzing over a billion action a month, Rakam draws attention as an open source library as well as promising startup as well.

Rakam targets data-focused startups and companies as clients, offering them a platform that gathers data from multiple sources, stores and interprets them. Rakam allows users to prepare specific reports and screenings and collects all user data in one place. Existing analytic services often makes companies build their own data centers, whereas Rakam provides a cloud based solution which is easy to use and SaaS-based.

Established about six months ago, Rakam is now used by companies such as Scorp, Twentify, Influanza and Panda. Founded by Burak Emre Kabakçı and Nurkan Kırkan (at Ömer Erkmen mentorship) it is difficult to say that Rakam is rivaling services like Google Analytics or Mixpanel. Rakam focuses mainly on processing and analyzing all the data they have from a single point to data-driven companies. You can also integrate automatically with a number of different services or platforms from Intercom to Pipedrive, from Facebook Ads to Google Adwords.

Rakams data sources can be small code snippets, databases, or externally loaded .csv files, web sites or mobile applications. The enterprise serves its users with 3 different products within itself; Rakam API hides a wide variety of data in the cloud. Rakam UI visualizes this data and generates customized reports, and Rakam Pre-Built Analytics seeks to serve as a customized analytics service for various industries such as e-commerce and digital advertising.

When asked about the future goals of Rakam, one of the founders, Emre says: "Our biggest goal in the short term is to grow the start-ups-companies that want to grow with data and process data. At the moment Scorp and Twentify are the names that best fit this recognition and they prefer Rakam. Especially in Turkey, the problem that we experience most often is the fact that people use data only to show investors or managers. We want to break it with Rakam. "

We will continue to inform you about the developments related to Rakam, which resides in domain and offers free usage for 1 month. Finally, if you wish, you can watch Rakam’s initiative presentation right now, which we hosted on Webrazzi Online Demo Day.

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