Samsung has finally unveiled its first foldable smartphone

The news of Samsung producing a foldable smartphone were going around dozens of times in the past years. After decades and dozens of news, Samsung has finally unveiled its first foldable smartphone. Introduced at the developer…


Unfold: App for creating stories for social media

As you know, stories that entered our lives with Snapchat have started to be used in almost all social media applications. Today, we are here with an application called Unfold which will help you to prepare more professional…


Four Plus, the Turkish puzzle game has reached 145 thousand players

Four Plus, which is a very successful alternative especially for puzzle game lovers, has reached 145 thousand users in total. Developed by independent game developers Ercan Akkaya and Günay Sert, Four Plus has been launched …


Application that bends TV ads: AdBender

With just a click, AdBender, the application that tells you when any television program you follow is going to start and when the ads start & end, has been developed in about 2.5 months. The application developed by …


Banks Applied to Competition Authority to take over 55 percent of Türk Telekom

Akbank, Garanti Bank and Isbank are setting up a special purpose vehicle to take majority control of  Turk Telekom in a debt restructuring to take over Oger Telecom, which owns a 55% stake in Turk Telekom. Lenders applied to…

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