Application that bends TV ads: AdBender

AdBender allows you to keep track of when television ads will start and end.
Application that bends TV ads: AdBender

With just a click, AdBender, the application that tells you when any television program you follow is going to start and when the ads start & end, has been developed in about 2.5 months. The application developed by Ahmet Yılmazcan, Fatih Aygen and Selman Tunagür was put into use in May.

Not only does it tell you when the ads start, AdBender also provides information to the user about when the ad expires and the series start. The AdBender application, which has a very simple and user-friendly design, provides users with information about the ads as well as the trailers of the new episode of the series you follow.

The target is 100 thousand users

Available for both iOS and Android platforms for free, AdBender has been downloaded 14 thousand 485 times on the Android platform and 9 thousand 441 times on the iOS platform. AdBender has a total of 20 thousand users and the number of in-app tracking is around 55 thousand.

AdBender has an income model where they are introducing the sponsors of the series through their notifications and placing ads of food, book and game companies, which is perfect for people who watch TV. Aiming to enter 2019 with 100 thousand users, AdBender aims to open up to other countries with long advertising intervals as well. If you wish, you can download AdBender for Android here and iOS here.

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