853 million dollars of revenue was generated in 2018 in the Turkish gaming industry

In December 2016, we reported that Turkey continued to grow in the global gaming market. Today, we will look closely at how the gaming industry was in Turkey in 2018. According to data shared within Gaming in Turkey’s report, T…


Fortnite developer Epic Games received 1.25 billion dollars investment

The owner of the Unreal game engine, Epic Games, founded in 1991, recently got famous with their game Fortnite. Epic Games, which earns huge amounts of money from this game, received a very important investment. The 1.25-billion-dollar…


Four Plus, the Turkish puzzle game has reached 145 thousand players

Four Plus, which is a very successful alternative especially for puzzle game lovers, has reached 145 thousand users in total. Developed by independent game developers Ercan Akkaya and Günay Sert, Four Plus has been launched …


Recontact received investment with a valuation of 22 milllion TL

We have previously informed you about Recontact: Istanbul and Recontact Istanbul: Eyes Of Sky. Recontact, the developer of the games, has shared new investment news. Recontact, which was founded by Eray Dinç and Simay Dinç in…


400 million US Dollars marketing budget was set aside for "Ryan Reynolds ad" of Peak Games

A series of commercials for Toon Blast, one of the US market's top 10 revenue generating games, is now being aired targeting users in the US. Peak Games, the developer of the immensely popular games such as Toy Blast and…

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