Here is our new design and series of new features

Here is our new design and series of new features

We are so proud to introduce you Webrazzi's new interface design. Here's everything you need to know about the new design;

We last renewed Webrazzi’s user interface design in 2014 and its renewal was among our plans for quite long. Since today is Webrazzi’s 12th birthday; we launched the new interface design and new products. Here is a short history of user interface design by Webrazzi: click here to see the Webrazzi design on August 22, 2006; and here is the design on August 29, 2010. To see Webrazzi design in 2014, click here. And the last user interface design for the last 4 years is here.

Expectations from new design and new features

We opted for a simple and efficient design. Now the homepage, news feed and gallery have clean and eye-catching design.

Category Specific Newsfeed

As more industries adopt technology, the amount of the news on Webrazzi has also increased. Because of the lack of news coverage at homepage, we have featured the categories for you to get more news on As a result, we made news of each category more accessible on our homepage. We are now switching to category specific news feed instead of time-based news feed. This is the first of the biggest changes we have made.

Another new feature is our news gallery. Now, within our news gallery, you may access other articles you will enjoy reading. As in the last published news about Tim Cook, you will now be able to find information faster about the news that are outside of the agenda. Apart from this section, Webrazzi TV will be available with new programs in the upcoming period. With our new design, Webrazzi TV's programs and categories are much easier to access.

Webrazzi Membership

Webrazzi Membership is a new feature of this design change. You can now be a member of Webrazzi family through our subscription feature. Let us state that there will be more features that you will see in upcoming days. We act as a platform with the services we offer and with events we have organized along with our news here and now you can easily become a member of our portal and joing this family. For the moment, you can edit your subscription information, comment on news and add news to your favorites via your membership.

There will be important innovations in Webrazzi Membership later on. Those who are not registered yet can register right away.

Hello, Webrazzi English!

We launched the English webpage long ago, but we were not actively using it. Now, Webrazzi English will become the bedrock of the new period. You can find news about startups and investment news in Turkey and also news about Europe and MENA region. We expanded our business globally with Webrazzi Connect: London event and Webrazzi English will add more to it. We recommend you to visit Webrazzi English every day as of September.

Easier access to Webrazzi services

Webrazzi Events and Webrazzi Career are important products Webrazzi offers to you apart from the news. It was among our missions in the new design to make these products more visible on Thanks to this design change, you can now easily access Webrazzi Career ads and Webrazzi Events.

The changes are ongoing and we will announce new features soon. Make sure to keep following us 😉.

We would like to thank to Webrazzi's software team and Fuel Themes team; Ant Ekşiler for the software development efforts and Aykut Yilmaz for the design efforts. Thank you very much! You can send your comments and feedback about the new design to [email protected] or you can comment below this post.

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