Digime3D received its first investment of 2.2 million TL from Tarvenn

Digime3D received its first investment of 2.2 million TL from Tarvenn

One of the winners of Bayer Grant4Apps Turkey, a startup accelerator program with more than 120 applications, Digime3D received its initial investment of 2.2 million TL from Tarvenn. Digime3D offers devices that perform body analysis using three-dimensional scanning method.

Digime3D is a startup of Istanbul Aydın University’s Bioentrepreneurship & Innovation Center, BiCube İstanbul, aiming to develop healthcare innovation. Digime 3D combines three-dimensional body scanning technology with their own software and hardware to reduce the cost of devices and to create portable devices. The 3D body scanner also provides automatic body composition analysis, measurement of body fat and calorie intake, and monitors these data with its graphics device. Due to its portable size, Digime3D offers cost-efficient, highly sensitive and user-friendly solution for sport centers, registered dieticians, healthcare centers and textile companies.

Digime3D aiming to expand its business globally

Derya Kavarna, Co-Founder of Digime 3D, says their own software can perform accurate body composition screening and analysis, and their aim is to provide a technology-based solution to improve customer satisfaction and enhance customer loyalty in sport centers, registered dieticians and customizable fashion houses. Kavarna also added that they receive positive feedback from their customers, and that they aim to improve the financial performance and operations by investment of Tarvenn, to increase their customer base and to expand their business globally.

Digime3D enables 3D body scanning in 40 minutes with a three-dimensional scanner and makes a three-dimensional model of your body. With this model, you have the accurate body measurements. It also measures data, such as body fat percentage, ideal body weight and daily calorie requirement, enabling you to visualize and track the progress over time.

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