Free and comprehensive graphic collection for Sketch

Sketch, the favorite of interface designers, is day by day getting richer also source-wise. Though it's hard for the designers to leave a tool behind and switch to another; there are different dynamics when it comes to the…


I Hate Mailto: The tool that keeps websites away from email clients

Being an extension of Chrome and Firefox, I Hate Mailto prevents your e-mail client automatically popping up whenever you click the contact section of websites. Copying the e-mail address instead, I Hate Mailto lets you …


The AI-supported video chat tool Aiko Meet offers live translation aid

Being the first video conferencing tool with artificial intelligence technology, Aiko Meet automatically creates subtitles and delivers the entire conversation in writing once the conference is complete. There's no need for…


Color.Review: The startup that makes webpages more readable

Each day we go over loads of webpages and most of these pages are of our favorites for some certain reason. Did you realize that the first thing we care for before getting accustomed to visiting a website is its easiness…


Zeplin 2.0 was released with its new features

Zeplin is a Turkish startup company established in 2014. In 2015, it participated in Y Combinator, one of the top ranked startup accelerators, and received an investment of $1.2 Million within a few months. In the following…

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