The AI-supported video chat tool Aiko Meet offers live translation aid

The AI-supported video chat tool Aiko Meet offers live translation aid

Being the first video conferencing tool with artificial intelligence technology, Aiko Meet automatically creates subtitles and delivers the entire conversation in writing once the conference is complete. There's no need for downloading any programs on your computer for using Aiko Meet. You can connect Aiko that operates over the browser through a link, and hold your conferences while keeping your confidentiality.

It's worth noting that Aiko Meet also supports the Turkish language, along with over 60 languages it supports. Not requiring any add-ons or downloads for operating over the browser, the tool uses WebRTC; a secure and specific protocol that is supported by the agreement between major web browsers.

You can invite the people you'd like to join the video conference through a personalized link over Aiko Meet, which makes other participants join the conference with only a single click.

Stating that the conversations held over Aiko Meet are not stored by any means, the company utilizes the secure communication standard TLS. Defining Aiko Meet as the only video conferencing tool that uses a fully connected mesh network in this context, the startup states that the conversations are confidential to participants only.

Aiko Meet's features such as adding subtitles and delivering these to the participants at the end of the conference set this tool apart from the others. Converting every word it hears into subtitles and texts thanks to artificial intelligence, Aiko literally creates minutes of meetings in several languages. Misunderstandings in international conferences are thus eliminated, while the conferences are conveniently recorded.

It's important that you have a good internet connection and that you're isolated from environmental noise while using Aiko Meet. Otherwise, Aiko can detect the neighboring conversations and deliver them to you. Automatically downloading the audio file to your computer when you pause the conversation, Aiko Meet can easily prevent misunderstandings among teams.

Offering a free trial period of 7 days, Aiko has two separate payment plans for those who'd like to give this tool a chance. Offering a Startup package limited to 4 participants from $ 9 / month, Aiko supports up to 12 users in the enterprise package and extends the scope of the subtitle / text features. Note that this package offered from $ 25 / month will be released within the following weeks.

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