Zeplin 2.0 was released with its new features

Zeplin 2.0 was released with its new features

Zeplin is a Turkish startup company established in 2014. In 2015, it participated in Y Combinator, one of the top ranked startup accelerators, and received an investment of $1.2 Million within a few months. In the following years, Zeplin continued to expand business and to grow its team and users (reached more than 1.5 million users), and released Zeplin 2.0.

Zeplin is an application acting as a bridge between the designers and developers, enabling both teams to realize their projects in faster and easier way without service outage.

The newest feature of Zeplin, known as Components, enables every team member to speak the same design language. The designers and developers work together seamlessly with Zeplin; however, marketing team should not be excluded.

It is a well-known fact that successful companies try to provide the same experience on every platform, and thus, design plays a crucial role. If you aim to speak the same design language on every platform, you should form an effective collaboration between the marketing team and designer team. The new feature of Zeplin is important for utilization of same button, same font and for being informed immediately of any updates.

Of course, Component is not the only new feature in Zeplin 2.0. Another important feature is renaming assets, which was developed upon the requests to Zeplin team. This feature allows you to rename the assets from right panel without exporting them.

Zeplin 2.0 adds a lot of new features, including view in mobile or desktop versions; filtering among notes (to see notes mentioning you or to see the notes with assigned color), selecting and downloading more than one asset and adding explanations for projects.

For further information on Zeplin 2.0, you may read the blog posts on Zeplin 2.0. To experience a successful application developed in Turkey, you should download the trial version. You might want to check other versions of Zeplin to facilitate life for your team members.

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