Desk360: The CRM software that integrates all communication channels in a single platform

Desk360 users have the chance to compile and follow up customer interactions from all communication channels with Desk360.
Desk360: The CRM software that integrates all communication channels in a single platform

Offering a solution for the mobile application users of its customers to provide 360 degrees service, Desk360 offers a highly effective alternative to enhance users' commitment to the mobile application.

Thanks to Desk360, the users now have the chance to compile all customer interactions coming from different channels under a single roof.

The creation story of Desk360 is based on an existing need. Desk360 is actually the expansion of a service developed by Teknasyon -a tech company that develops and globally markets global applications- to provide a better customer experience to its users and to better manage its own processes.

Also offering the chance to track user reviews on App Store and Google Play Store by converting them into help requests, Desk360 demonstrates itself as a platform allowing brands to closely monitor the experience process.

Serving as a bridge between the user and the brand, the service offers an interface to its customers through its multi-channel management feature, where they can promptly communicate with their users.

Integration that does not require coding

Thanks to Desk360 that provides 360 degree customer support, emails, application reviews, contact forms and much more of channels can be compiled into a single platform, allowing you to easily manage them in blocks.

The service can practically be added into the app and used with "Desk360 Application SDK" exclusively designed for mobile app developers, without the need of any coding.

We also have the information that Desk360, which can be used by all tech companies regardless of their size, will be offered to the market at a competitive price. Making an impression with its recent investments, Teknasyon also offers a special package for startups.

Launch on June

With this launch to be held on June, at Levent Kolektif House, Desk360 wishes to meet up with companies from all industries who are potential customers for this product.

There will be a panel moderated by Cüneyt Özdemir focusing on "Surviving in the Age of Experience", and the program will move on with an interview with Serdar Kuzuloğlu.

You can find the event agenda below and join from this link.

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