Online comparison platforms and joined forces

Online comparison platforms and joined forces

Online comparison platforms and are merged to operate under the same roof.

Online comparison platforms and are merged to operate under the same roof. Following the merger of online insurance sales platform with the financial comparison platform as of March 2019; 40 banks and insurance companies are to use the same infrastructure to serve almost 4 million users on a monthly basis.

In his declaration on the merger, Bradley Du Chenne, the CEO of, who will serve as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the new company; stated that they realized it would be a win-win situation for both the companies to be working together. He also added that exciting opportunities would arise as the insurance sales of -a platform that stands out with its high number of visitors- is reinforced by's infrastructure. According to Du Chenne, would also broaden its portfolio by taking advantage of's robust contracts made with insurance companies over the years.

Co-founder of and the CEO of the new company, Ömer Paksoy stated that, this merger that joins the comparison platforms is of significant importance for the Turkish customers. Paksoy added that they integrated the credit infrastructure of with the insurance infrastructure of so that the customers could access the most convenient credit and insurance products, as rapidly as possible. Ömer Paksoy also added that they had plans to broaden their service offerings by working on integration projects to include all the banks and insurance companies.

Meanwhile, Co-founder of Onur Tekinturhan highlighted that they would be using the financing supplied to the Turkish market through this merger for developing apps to enhance the financial literacy of Turkish consumers.

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