Sony announces working on contactless cryptocurrency wallet

Sony announces working on contactless cryptocurrency wallet

Japan-based technology giant Sony is one of the most important companies engaged in blockchain and crypto money technologies studies. Sony Computer Science Laboratories, who announced that it is working on a wallet hardware, shared that it is working on a contactless crypto-money wallet with multiple cryptocurrency support.

The wallet, which doesn't have a name yet, will use IC smart card technology, which includes mutual authentication and encrypted communication technology and is very popular in Japan. Unlike wallets that are already being used, Sony's contactless crypto money wallet doesn't need any USB cable to connect.

Let's add that Sony's wallet can connect with both bitcoin and other cryptocurrency networks. In a statement on the subject, Sony also shared information on the features of the wallet, noting that the IC smart card type wallet only manages the private keys used for cryptocurrency transactions, but can also manage private keys outside of cryptocurrency transactions.

Sony has done important studies on blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. Especially in 2018, Sony has been working on blockchain technology, and in August this year, two new patents on blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies were introduced. There isn’t any information about when the contactless cryptocurrency wallet will be launching.

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