Platform that brings all Turkish startups under a single roof: Lookum

Platform that brings all Turkish startups under a single roof: Lookum

Although the Turks living abroad are adapting to the conditions of the country they live in, they start missing some things from their past after a while. Sometimes its a meal, sometimes a drink. The application called Lookum brings together the Turks living abroad with Turkish businesses and companies in their countries.

What is Lookum?

To use the app you have downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store, you first need to become a member of the system with your Facebook account or e-mail address. According to your current location, the companies and firms registered in that area are shown.

In Lookum, there are many categories from food to health, and from furniture to automotive. We can say that some categories are limited. When you want to reach any business from your current location, the application automatically directs you to the location. In this way, Lookum is not just a business bank but becomes a more functional product.

Lookum, which you can download for free, offers its users access to more than 4500 companies and businesses in 37 sectors, from Turkish markets to hairdressers, lawyers, doctors, music groups to life coaches in 70 countries and more than 845 cities.

Founded by Turkish entrepreneurs in 2009, and developed by Linkingbridge Media and Trade Services, the application provides users with detailed information about Turkish companies, rating the companies through their profile pages, commenting on them and enabling providers to discover new services offered by Turkish startups in many countries. In addition, users can benefit from discounts, campaigns, coupons and all other opportunities offered by companies registered on Lookum.

Let’s add that the “Lookum İşletmem” application, which will bring Turkish businesses together with Turkish suppliers and business partners, will be available in the first quarter of 2019.

You can download the completely free app from the App Store for your iOS devices, and from the Google Play Store for your Android devices.

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