Kredya: A fintech startup for lending industry

Housing, consumer and vehicle loans are very common in Turkey. Kredya is an initiative that aims to save billions of liras each year for its users and to be the biggest support to the users throughout the process from the loan search process to the application, from the payment process to the closing of the loan.

Founded last August bya Murat Çetinkaya and Mark E. Stephan, Kredya is currently managed by a team of 4 people. With Kredya, you can pay less interest during your loan payment. Allowing you to be informed of the appropriate configuration opportunities when interest rates fall, Kredya also allows you to set an alarm according to the target interest rate or, if you wish, the amount of savings.

In addition, Kredya informs you about how much profit loan pre-closure or early installment payments will offer to the user. . By collecting the most current offers from banks according to your personal specifications and helping you make the most accurate decision, Kredya aims to reach all users who are considering using housing, consumer or vehicle loans or who currently have any loan payments.

Kredya, which is available free of charge on both iOS and Android platforms, has been downloaded 100 thousand times so far. Kredya aims to pass its rivals in Turkey, Hangikredi, Enuygun, Hesapkurdu with their personalized loan search engine, smart alarms and notification and loan management advises.

Signed agreement with Koçfinans

Kredya, which has not received any investment up to now, is creating a revenue model by taking commissions / fees from the loans to be used on the platform, monthly / annual sponsorships and advertising from related sectors. Kredya, which is an ITU Cekirdek startup, signed an agreement with KoçFinans in September.

Kredya plans to complete the missing parts of its products by December. They aim to grow rapidly in Turkey and then expand to more countries. You can download Kredya here for Android, and here for iOS.

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