Turkish startup offering robotics process automation solutions: WINWAI

Turkish startup offering robotics process automation solutions: WINWAI

WINWAI,, which was named after “Win with AI”, operates in areas such as artificial intelligence and robotic process automation (RPA). WINWAI, which started to operate in the first months of 2018, was founded by Mevlüt Serdar and Betül Onat

Robots are mostly positioned as a helper in routine and manual tasks. WINWAI aims to restore the hours spent by companies to keyboard and mouse usage by RPA technology, visual perception, text interpretation or non-rule based and dynamic decision-making machines.

Managed by a team of 6 people, WINWAI offers its customers artificial intelligence services (API) and digital robots with artificial intelligence capabilities. Developed at the end of a two-year process, WINWAI will restore the time spent on manual processes with their virtual robot WORKERS, using robotic process automation and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Free for 15 days until the end of the year

WORKERS, developed especially for corporate companies, has been offered free of charge for 15 days until the end of the year. When you look at solutions in the world of RPA, we encounter platforms where rule-based jobs are performed. WINWAI, in addition to rule-based operations, also adds artificial intelligence capabilities to create a broader automation base.

WINWAI, which has not received any investments until now, is part of GarantiPartners, Garanti Bank's venture acceleration platform. WINWAI, which has a revenue model of monthly fixed rental fees of robots, aims to be in the global market in the future.

"Win with AI" yani yapay zeka ile kazan söz öbeğinden ismini alan  yapay zeka ve robotik süreç otomasyonu (RPA) gibi alanlarda faaliyet gösteriyor. 2018 yılının ilk aylarında hizmet vermeye başlayan WINWAI,tarafından kuruldu.

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