Winner of Create@Alibaba Cloud Start-Up Contest is Fazla Gıda!

[email protected] Cloud Start-Up, an international start-up contest organized by Alibaba Cloud in 12 countries, was held in Istanbul today.  The contest has been organized by Alibaba Cloud and its business partner in Turkey TRADEFIVE. Key players in Turkey’s startup ecosystem attended the contest.

Arzuhan Doğan Yalçındağ, Suzan Sabancı Dinçer, Murat Özyeğin, Arda Ermut, Serra Akçaoğlu and Cansen Başaran Symes are among the jury members of the [email protected] Cloud Start-Up contest. Fazla Gıda has been awarded 50,000 USD, and the right to go to China.

Other than Fazla Gıda, Turkish startups such as Kimolia, Park Palet, TIRPORT and Piri will go to China and represent our country in the finals. The start-ups who were entitled to participate in the second stage of the contest to be held in China's Nanjing city in September also won a $10,000 reward.

Start-ups participating in the competition

Alya: A safe, low energy consuming three-dimensional printer specially designed for home and school use.

Catch: Among the 12 initiatives selected for the third period of the Workup entrepreneurship program, Catch is a video CV platform that allows you to find professional jobs at the horeca level.

Clotie: Introduced to you in May, Clotie is a platform that prepares personal combinations for those who do not have time to go shopping.

TeflyLife: An application developed for parents, especially for mothers, and focuses on child and infant care.

Kimola: Analyzing the consumer's lifestyle with artificial intelligence, Kimola is a Consumer Insight product that enables brands to develop more effective strategies.

Leafinbox: Introduced to you in August of last year, Leafinbox is an e-signature supported and cloud-based document management platform.

OktoPeople: Working with brands in different industries from payment systems to e-commerce, OktoPeople contributes to digital transformations of brands.

Fazla Gıda: It completed the third investment round with 2.2 million Turkish Liras last month. Fazla Gıda is a start-up that helps reducing the financial loss of unsold food instead of throwing it away, while helping to evaluate it in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Pabbler: It provides users with the ability to earn money while exploring the world. Thanks to Pabbler, you can make money from the products you bring from abroad.

Park Palet: A warehouse market where you can find as much storage space as you need for the time you want at the location you want.

Parxlab: Aiming to increase customer satisfaction and general efficiency by making vehicle guidance and parking management in parking lots and garages, Parxlab allows you to quickly find the nearest parking spot.

Piri: Serves as a voice-guided excursion that allows you to visit and explore the city while listening to the stories of the city from the travelers. It received 2 million Turkish Liras of investment in June.

StokArti: An e-commerce platform that meets the commercial needs of companies. It is a star-up focused specifically on the construction industry.

TIRPORT: Targeting the digitalization of the logistics industry, TIRPORT enables logistics companies, freight owner factories and companies to manage their existing logistics operations effectively.

Userguiding: A platform for web applications that allows interactive product tours and help pages to be created without writing code.

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