Winners of Webrazzi Arena 2015 startup competition announced!

Winners of Webrazzi Arena 2015 startup competition announced!

Webrazzi Summit, Turkey's most influential internet conference ended with a startup contest, Webrazzi Arena, this year. The two days conference hosted Startup Lounge where 50 startups selected from hundreds of applications, promoted themselves and met 2000 Webrazzi Summit participants.

Among these 50 Startup Lounge startups, 12 finalists were picked by Webrazzi team to compete in Webrazzi Arena, the very first startup contest held by Turkey's largest tech news blog. After finalist presentations in front of Webrazzi Arena's panel of judges which were Bindi Karia (Silikon Valley Bank), Brendan Baker (Greylock Partners), Emre Kurttepeli (Galata Business Angels), Melih Ödemiş (Yemeksepeti co-founder), 4 names were announced as the winners. These are:

  1. TwentifyTwentify's mobile workforce platform lets companies to carry out field operations via crowdsourcing. By using mobile crowdsourcing, companies can increase their sales,track their marketing activities and decrease their operational costs up to 10 times.
  2. Evreka: Local Internet of Waste startup of Turkey. Thanks to its wireless sensors tailored to Turkish waste containers, Evreka's waste management system measures the fill level of containers and help the startup to create a smart collection plan for the city.
  3. Segmentify: Segmentify's SaaS platform makes designing real time personalised marketing campaigns super easy and super fast.

In addition to these three, İ, a mobile marketplace bringing artisans and people in need of an event organisation, won Special Mention Award from the judges.

The rest of the startups had the chance to participate to Webrazzi Arena contest are listed below:

Ekmob: A field operations management platform.

Gaaraj: Mobile first car rental service. Kullanıcı Ajansı: An advanced product testing platform using real customers and live videos.

Otsimo: Creating an open source educational platform for children who have autism syndrome. Pubinno: Providing smart solutions for the beverage sector. Empowers beverage producers and sales outlets to develop new capabilities in order to increase productivity, decrease costs and enable data-led marketing activities

SOR’UN: Provides CCM platform to companies. 

ComPay: Online payment solution for those who do not use credit cards. 

Viviso: Targeted video ads for online TV.

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