A platform to receive and compare freight quotes for importers and exporters: Navlungo

Navlungo offers services such as finding, buying, and managing a freight quote to those who export, import, and sell products abroad via marketplaces such as Amazon and Etsy.
A platform to receive and compare freight quotes for importers and exporters: Navlungo

The development of technology with each passing day and the massive importance all things digital acquired in our lives have made it possible to do things through online platforms or mobile applications with one click which we used to do with analogue methods. Nowadays, we can do our grocery shopping completely with mobile applications, find a trustworthy caretaker for our children through a single platform or do not have to wait in a line for hours when paying a bill. Because the evolution of even our most basic habits into digital forms allows us both to save time and meet our needs instantly.

The situation is not different for exporters and importers either. 20 years ago, perhaps nobody would have thought that a quote comparison through a single platform for logistics would be possible. However, the solutions of today not only allow this but offer much more to users. Navlungo is one of the leading domestic ventures that stand out in freight-oriented quote comparison for importers and exporters. 

The service of finding, buying, and managing freight quotes to those who sell products in global marketplaces

​Navlungo offers services such as finding, buying, and managing a freight quote to those who export, import, and sell products abroad via marketplaces such as Amazon and Etsy.​ The venture, which was founded in May 2019 by 4 engineer friends who had been working at the same company together for many years, Ceren Tunaİsa KorkmazEmrah Arslan and Mutlu Boz, now operates with its team of 12 people. The venture, which began to serve its customers in September 2019 upon a development stage of approximately 1 year, entirely uses its own algorithm in producing, buying, and managing freight quotes and develops the software with its own team.

Rivalled by the likes of Freightos, Freghtera, and Flexport globally, Navlungo has received an entrepreneurship award from Koç Holding Ford Otosan and a grant from TÜBİTAK 1512 BİGG Programme. The venture's investment talks are ongoing. Navlungo being one of the 11 ventures selected for the second term of  QNBEYOND should not go unmentioned.

More than 20,000 quotes

The number of customers who registered to Navlungo to date is 4.500 while the platform hosted more than 20,000 quotes and exports to 56 countries in the world were made. According to the information shared, over 500 shipments every month to Amazon's warehouses were conducted with Navlungo. 

Platform charge from freight companies

Navlungo generates income by receiving a platform charge from freight companies for the freightage or shipments sold via the platform. With its 'Digital Freight Assistant' product to be launched soon, the venture will begin to earn money from a fixed membership model as well.

Navlungo during the COVID-19 period

We can state that the COVID-19 period has been quite brilliant for Navlungo. With COVID-19, thanks to the demand from export firms seeking to find the most affordable and optimum service in the midst of closed borders in the world and cancelled services, the number of quotes produced in the platform reached 5.000 per month. Freight firms showed a significant interest in Navlungo at this time to be freight forwarders. Let us underline that the platform includes these firms to the system after conducting documentation and security tests of these firms.

Navlungo thinks that its Amazon, Etsy, and eBay integrations and smart connection modules developed for e-commerce websites will bring about great convenience in a short while. Shipping and freight companies who sell on Navlungo can receive payments via credit cards and follow their customs clearances and freights from their own panel.

Increasing international operations with insurance and customs integrations

Planning to launch direct integration to platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy in the coming period, the venture states that in this way firms and individuals who sell their products on these platforms could send their shipments with one click. Insurance and customs integrations will soon be added to Navlungo as well. Among the future targets of the venture are obtaining customers from China and the MENA region, to become a platform on which sales are made in 3 languages with quotes from 1500 countries from different countries in the world, and growing its team and business with the vision of ensuring that one in every 10 quotes received in Europe, Asia, and the Arabian peninsula is organised through Navlungo.

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