Kitapyurdu Direct Publishing: Serves authors to publish their books without needing a publisher

Having delivered more than 13 million products during last year, Kitapyurdu announced to have established Kitapyurdu Direct Publishing- a platform where authors could publish their books without the need of a publisher.
Kitapyurdu Direct Publishing: Serves authors to publish their books without needing a publisher

Kitapyurdu Direct Publishing publishes the authors’ books free of charge and pays a 50% royalty fee to the author for the books published. This means that half of the revenue generated by book sales is directed to the author.

Kitapyurdu does not demand a fee of any kind from the author at KDY. The platform converts all files sent ready for publishing that do not have any legal or ethical problems into books.

How do you publish books with KDY?

KDY realizes book prints according to POD (Print on Demand) system. This means that a daily production is realized according to the orders placed for your book. For this reason, no fees are demanded from the author. The author logs into KDY by using his/her Kitapyurdu account for preparing the book and waits for approval following the definition of work of art in the system. Contracts are filled in after the receipt of approval and his/her book is ready for sales within 72 hours following the download of templates from the system, and completion of technical procedures such as the edition, page layout, and cover in line with the print templates.

The author can outsource these processes or receive support from literary agencies recommended by Kitapyurdu, in case s/he does not wish to perform these tasks by him/herself. Note that this is not an obligation and that KDY is preparing to offer authors the chance to technically prepare their books within the platform by providing more advanced tools in time to come.

Considering the number of books published solely on the demand of the author for a certain fee in Turkey, it won’t be wrong to say there exists a major direct publishing industry in Turkey. Whereas, KDY could be taken as the Turkish model of Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) example.

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