Sparkle converts Sketch designs to website with its new plugin

Enabling users to visually edit websites, Sparkle transforms Sketch designs into a website in minutes with its new plugin.
Sparkle converts Sketch designs to website with its new plugin

Sparkle allows you to visually build websites and convert Sketch designs into a website in minutes. Spark, which can be used as a stand-alone website builder and publishing tool, opens its doors to Sketch users with its new plugin. If you are using Sketch, you can easily transfer your designs to Sparkle with the new plugin. 

After downloading Sparkle, you can add your works in Sketch to Sparkle by downloading the Sketch plugin. To do that, just click Sparkle's help menu and download the Sketch plugin.

You should click Export Artboard to Sparkle by selecting Sparkle in the Plugins menu to transfer your work to Sparkle. 

Sparkle stands out as a remarkable option, especially for those who don't want to use coding. The 2.8 version of the tool was released a few months ago and it is very easy to use. You can easily add images and videos that you want in your design by drag and drop feature. 

Similarly, the text you want to add is available with different fonts according to both content and title types. You can resize the video and visual elements you use and replace by dragging. 

You can also view your edits simultaneously on the website. This way, you can see how every change you make will appear on the website.

In fact, we can say that there are many tools like Sparkle. For example, many designers prefer to use xlayers that support programs, such as React and Angular, and Sketch. Nevertheless, it is possible for small businesses or individuals who do not want to deal with coding to give Sparkle a chance. On the other hand, note that Sparkle does comply with the WordPress infrastructure. 

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