Paraşüt's sale is now finalized

The news we shared with you yesterday, have been announced by the founder of Paraşüt, Sean Yu, today.
Paraşüt's sale is now finalized

Yesterday we shared that Paraşüt was purchased by Mikro and Zirve, which Turkven and Earlybird are investors of. Today Sean Yu, the founder of Paraşüt, confirmed the sale with the statement he made.

Sean Yu, who described the sale of Paraşüt a turning point in their company's short history, highlighted the importance of combining the forces of Mikro and Zirve Yazılım. Below you can find the statement of Sean Yu, which summarizes the process starting from the early days of Paraşüt.

I write these lines to share a story with you that we can accept as a turning point in our company's short history. Today, by taking a very important step for our future, we have joined forces with Mikro and Zirve Yazılım under the roof of DST Technology Group, which TURKVEN and Earlybird are investors of.

I would like to take you back to our first days in order to explain the magnitude of this step. The period during which Paraşüt was formed coincides with the period when I was working as an analyst in a private capital company. At the time I was doing the financial and operational analysis of hundreds of companies, I realized how important it is for business owners to understand the financial information to be able to manage their company in a better way.

Nowadays, financial management should not be so difficult since accessing current and reliable information has become much easier. In a time where the pre-accountancy management is being realized in Excel and written on notebooks, and where faulty transactions lead to work overtime for the owners of the company, it is supposed to be able to instantaneously keep an eye on how much the receivables and payables are and what the situation of the financial management is like.

Based on this idea, we established Paraşüt together with my partners Andaç Türkmen and Fahri Özkaramanlı to provide businesses with a tool that can easily report the financial information they need. We have created a new ecosystem with enthusiasm to become an unprecedented company that would ease the workload of small businesses substantially in Turkey. Regardless of the pre-accounting information, we have developed a user-friendly interface so that everyone in need can use it without difficulty. We tried to make pre-accountancy easy and enjoyable for everyone.

Since the day we were founded, we have grown steadily with your faith and trust and have achieved significant successes. Within 5 years, we have carried the pre-accountancy management of more than 11 thousand SMEs operating in every sector all over Turkey, to the cloud. Approximately 30 billion TL worth of trade has been realized on Paraşüt. We were elected "Turkey's Most Successful Second Startup " two consecutive years in 2016 and 2017. We became one of two startups from Turkey who made it into the world-renowned research firm CB Insights "The Fintech 250" list.

We took inspiration from SMEs in every step we took and in every development we made. We believe that we need to continue to learn and constantly improve ourselves in order to be with you at every step while you are expanding your business and to offer comprehensive services that will make your life easier. While we continue to perfect our financial management solutions, we work hard every day to offer holistic solutions that can meet your other needs.

A brand new page...

It's so inspiring to see the way we've overcome back from 5 years ago when we started our journey. Today, I am delighted to share the new development of Paraşüt with you:

As Paraşüt, we have become part of DST Technology Group which also contains Turkey's second and third largest commercial businesses software companies Mikro and Zirve Yazılım, which TURKVEN and Earlybird are the investors of.

Joining our powers with Mikro and Zirve Yazılım is an exciting development for us. We believe that getting together with these two valuable companies with pioneering and rich knowledge in the field will enable us to take our services and products a step further.

With this cooperation, we aim to provide holistic and unique technology solutions that will support our customers with all their needs with their dynamism and collective experience, from the first moment the companies start to the globalization process. Therefore, we see this as a step that would bring SMEs, which are the heart of the competitiveness of Turkey's economy, to a much better place.

What does the future hold?

Although we gather under the same roof with two esteemed companies such as Mikro and Zirve Yazılım, we will continue our own path by maintaining our corporate identity, product family, vision and business model. In this context, we will keep going with our work and we will continue to bring our services and products to you with the same quality.

On the other hand, we will work with all our strength to enrich the user experience, to develop complementary end-to-end solutions and to bring a whole new breath to your financial operation by taking advantage of this new cooperation and accompanying knowledge.

Thank you for standing by our side on this journey...

Sean X. Yu

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