Alipay and ininal cooperate for Chinese tourists!

Alipay and ininal cooperate for Chinese tourists!

  • ininal has become the first business partner of Alipay in Turkey.

ininal, one of the important fintech companies of our country, came up with a substantial cooperation. ininal has become the first business partner of Alipay in Turkey. Inial, whose majority of the shares was purchased by Multinet in 2016, has signed an important cooperation with Alipay, one of the Alibaba subsidiary companies operated by Ant Financial Services Group, that allows Chinese visitors to use Alipay in Turkish enterprises.

According to the information received, the cooperation will be available in the facilities of Dorak Holding, a tourism company which operates all around Turkey and provide services for more than 85 per cent of Chinese tourists visiting Turkey.

The companies that accept payments with Alipay within the scope of this service include balloon companies, shops, hotels and restaurants in Cappadocia. The companies in the scope of the agreement will be able to connect directly with the Chinese tourists visiting Istanbul and Cappadocia via the Alipay application.

In addition, customers will be able to make payment by scanning the Alipay QR code that appears on the card terminals using the same application during check-out. Thanks to this cooperation, Alipay users will be able to make payments with Chinese Yuan during their visits in Turkey, and with US Dollar in Doraku Tours facilities.

At the end of the second quarter of 2019, visitors will be able to make their payments with Turkish Lira within the scope of the agreement which will be valid in the existing and new Multinet Up businesses. Ömer Suner, the CEO of ininal, stated that the cooperation with Alipay is an indication of the success achieved by their brand in the last six years and emphasized that Alipay is the most preferred payment method in China.

Suner also added that they believe the ease of payment provided by this cooperation will improve the foreign exchange entering our country and contribute to the revival of economy, and stated that Chinese tourists showed the highest increase with regard to spendings of tourists in Turkey.

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