Reedsy Discovery lets you meet indie authors and books

Reedsy Discovery lets you meet indie authors and books

Reedsy Discovery allows the indie book publishers and writers worth publishing to be discovered through their platform. Choosing books based on reviews on the platform, Reedsy Discovery lists featured books in different genres each week.

You can register on Reedsy Discovery by signing in via Facebook or Google or by email. After registration, you can look at the recommended books of the week and read the reviews. Reedsy Discovery includes a short resume of the reviewers. This way the quality of the reviews on the platform has increased and there is no room for false reviews on the platform.

If you want to explore indie books written in different genres that expand beyond weekly suggestions, you can visit the discover page of Reedsy Discovery. In this page, you can find many different categories from science fiction to thriller& suspense, from romance to poetry and many more. Besides, you can see the reviews and scores about books in one place.

By clicking on the books on the home page or the discovery page, you are directed to the page where the book's reviews and synopsis are available. On this page, you can find more information about the book and view the purchase options.

You can purchase printed books from Amazon and also the digital versions for Kindle. Let us also say that you can purchase these indie books on platforms such as Apple Books and Kobo, depending on the author's preference.

If you would like to access the books offered by Reedsy Discovery for free, you can apply to be a part of the review team. The system, which can be used by indie writers for market research, allows the users who make the review and get a small compensation from readers and authors. Thus, users can make extra income by reading a book in their spare time.

As a writer, you can also add your books to Reedsy Discovery to gain recognition. Indie writers often prefer to publish books in Reedsy Discovery after being published on platforms such as Amazon and Kobo. Thus, their Amazon reach increases. However, Reedsy Discovery does not accept every book. The startup, which has a strict publishing policy, does not publish books containing racism and hate speeches and does not allow spam content.

When the authors register for the review of their books, they must upload the entire book to Reedsy Discovery and pay a 50 dollar fee. In exchange for this payment, the book gets forwarded to more than 150 book critics, and the publisher receives a product summary review to be used on platforms such as Amazon. By publishing the book on Reedsy Discovery, the authors can benefit from a considerable amount of traffic that could convert to sales.

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