A startup that aims to improve business process: Tork

A startup that aims to improve business process: Tork

A corporate management application, Tork, is offered as a solution by Kuadron Bilişim company. Providing solutions for needs such as Sales, CRM, Project Management, Business Follow-Up, Purchase, Production Management, Finance, Bookkeeping and Human Resources, Tork is currently managed by a team of 3 people.

Tork that aims to improve the business organization of the companies and speeding up their growth in a reliable manner was developed within approximately 1.5 years. Based on data provided by Tork, it services to 350 customers in total which achieved five-fold increase in productivity.

Competing with PlanPorts, Teamgram, NKolayOfis, Ofisim and PratiXRM, Tork stated that such competitors mainly provide outcome-oriented solutions. Instead of being outcome-oriented, Tork provides numerous solutions ranging from quote to order, production to purchase, delivery to invoice in an easy to use solution that does not require training or investment.

Going Global

In short, Tork which is an application that focuses not on the "outcome" but on the "process" generates income from on-premise and SaaS sales that are based on quotes. We would like to express that with the special launch, all Tork packages are offered 30 percent discount during 2019.

In today's SaaS world, an average company needs one platform for human resources, one for CRM and another for stocking. Tork, which aims at differentiating itself from its competition by gathering all these platforms under a single roof, has no investments yet. Designed to be free of unnecessary features to meet the needs in a minimalist fashion, Tork application plans going global in 2020.

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