Monty Metzger: “The best time to invest in crypto money”

Monty Metzger: “The best time to invest in crypto money”

We had already told you that we will hold our Blockchain Venture Summit conference on November 21, 2018 in London. Blockchain Venture Summit , which we organized in 8 Northumberland in London, one of the city's top attractions, has started.

Speaking at the Blockchain Venture Summit conference, LCX CEO  Monty Metzger shared important information about the LCX and the crypto-money ecosystem with the presentation “Cracking the Crypto Code: The Next Growth Wave Driven by Institutional Investors”.

Blockchain will be permanent

Monty Metzger, who underlined that it is a very good time to start investing in crypto money, said that everyone believes that blockchain technology will increase in the next 5 years. Also underlining that Blockchain technology will be permanent, Monty Metzger stated that he is not just an investor but that he is an entrepreneur in his position as the CEO of LCX.

Metzger underlined that he underestimated the blockchain market in the first place and could not fully grasp the connection between blockchain and crypto currency. He added that Blockchain posed problems such as money laundering, illegal money transfer and fraud, and added that security is very important for blockchain technology. The most remarkable thing on the stage was the fact that Metzger said that it is the right time to invest in crypto money.

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