Startup for online designs for both individuals and companies:, like the online design tool Canva, contains many templates. You can use for free for the first 10 designs.
Startup for online designs for both individuals and companies:

We use a variety of tools to ensure that our personal social media posts we share are more beautiful and corporations try to make them more organized. Even though Photoshop is one of these tools, most people get stuck in terms of program knowledge and prefer different programs that are easier to use.

Although Canva is the most preferred online design tool due to its diversity and ease of use, we can say that the new startup is not much lower than Canva. Just like Canva, also includes many templates, but you can use for free for the first 10 designs. If you want to design over 10, you have to pay a certain fee. There are two different payment methods on the platform. One is “Pay-As-You-Go” which allows you to buy one of 10, 50, 100 or 500 slides and the other is the monthly/annual payment option.

Both photo and video content can be designed with Using the platform is really simple. Once you subscribe to the system with your e-mail address, you do not need to provide any card information, and once your membership is approved, you can start designing immediately. As you can use's own templates for designs, you can add your own images or your company's logo to your design. You can copy one template into more templates, so you have different options. The following image shows three different versions of a template.

You can view with its simple interface and user-friendly design here, and create your first 10 designs for free.

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