Audio and video supported friendship app from founders of Scorp: Who

Audio and video supported friendship app from founders of Scorp: Who

With the technology advancing day by day and mobile being more and more integrated into our lives every day, the analog methods we used in the past are replaced by mobile solutions. In this context, we can say that making friends with anybody has passed through different stages until today. Analogue methods, has left their place to ICQ and MSN, then these left their place to social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Today, one of the most commonly used methods to establish emotional friendships with people is friendship applications.

When we look at the most popular friendship application in the world, Tinder comes up, but we want to introduce you to a Turkish application which we'll start to hear the name more often soon; Who. As a new project of Scorp, a social media platform, Who is leaving behind other friendship applications thanks to audio and video support. For example; When you chat with someone on Tinder, you wonder about the other persons voice, and when you meet the person, it can be a disappointment for you.

Who removes this disappointment. Because you're making a voice call with the person you're pairing with, and both sides talk in an anonymous way. If after 30 seconds, both sides are still interested in talking, they can click the “keep talking” option and you can use the video chat feature to both see and hear your partner and get to know them better.

You don't need to integrate any accounts with the platform to use Who. You start chatting automatically by typing your name and gender.

Founded by the Scorp team, Who is now managed by a team of 7 people. The application, developed in approximately 2 months, and is now available to both iOS and Android users. Currently entering the Turkish and Middle East market, Who, aims to expand more.

You can download the completely free app from the App Store for your iOS devices, and from the Google Play Store for your Android devices.

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