ServiceNow purchased FriendlyData, one of Hande Enes' investments

ServiceNow purchased FriendlyData, one of Hande Enes' investments

ServiceNow, which provides cloud services for businesses, announced that it had purchased FriendlyData, which is also an investment of Hande Enes. The company will integrate FriendlyData''s native language search technology into applications on the Now platform.

Let us remind you briefly about the service of ​​FriendlyData, which was founded in 2016 and has so far received investments from 500 Startups and TMT Startups. The startups native language query (NLQ) technology enables businesses to produce search tools that enable users to ask technical questions even though they don't know the right jargon.

FriendlyData's NLQ technology understands what users are trying to tell and responds to them with text or data display that can be easily understood. ServiceNow states that it will integrate the technology of FriendlyData into the Now platform.  At this point the Now platform covers the applications produced for IT, Human Resources, Security Operations and Customer Service.

Pat Casey, Business Development and Operations Vice-President of Service Now, said the following:

With this technical enhancement, our goal is to allow anyone to easily make data driven decisions, increasing productivity and driving businesses forward faster.

ServiceNow brings NLQ capabilities to the Now platform, allowing companies to ask technical questions in simple English and get answers directly. With this technical empowerment, our goal is to ensure that everyone can easily make decisions that are powered by data, increase efficiency and move businesses forward more quickly.

The main purpose of this yet undisclosed purchase is based on ServiceNow's desire to reduce the friction of support requests in organizations with artificial intelligence-based vehicles. In May, the company launched a chatbot production tool called Virtual Agent. Virtual Agent enabled companies to create chatbots for services such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. The company has also purchased another chatbot startup called Parlo. Apparently, ServiceNow may come up with new tools that focus on customer experience in the following days.

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