James Murdoch likely to become Tesla's new chairman of the board

James Murdoch likely to become Tesla's new chairman of the board

Tesla’s situation had become a little complicated and Elon Musk had resigned as chairman. Now there are discussions about who will be the new chairman of Tesla, and it is said that James Murdoch is the strongest candidate.

Tesla, the electric car manufacturer, had lost the company's repetition with Elon Musk. As a result, Elon Musk was fined millions of dollars and had to resign from his position as chairman. Although he left this position, Elon Musk will still be the CEO of the company, and won’t be fired.

The new debate, which started after Tesla's seat for chairman became empty, proceeded towards who will become the next president.

Who is James Murdoch?

James Murdoch, who is currently a member of the board of Tesla, is considered to be the strongest candidate of for the presidency. In this sense, he has a working experience with Elon Musk.

Currently, CEO of 21st Century Fox, Murdoch is the son of US media chief Rupert Murdoch. It is possible that Murdoch, who does not have any executive director role in Tesla as a board member, will not interfere in the company's operational affairs even after he becomes chairman of the board and so he will be able to work smoothly with CEO Elon Musk.

With this step, without a managerial crisis, the event will close in favor of the shareholders, and Murdoch will appear as Tesla's chairman. After Elon Musk's resignation, the 45-day deadline for the election of the new chairman is in progress.

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