Closed-circuit payment system for festivals: EventPay Pro

EventPay Pro collects all the money management organization of a festival on a single platform. EventPay Pro also provides transparent financial management to the festival management.
Closed-circuit payment system for festivals: EventPay Pro

EventPay Pro, developed by Positive A Digital Approach, one of the long-established digital product development companies of our country, promises to offer a payment method for crowded festivals. EventPay Pro, which collects all the money management organization in the festival on a single platform, eliminates the receipt rows and provides a much better festival experience for the participants.

EventPay Pro, providing transparent financial management to the festival management, serves as a fully closed - circuit payment system. EventPay Pro has quite an easy use.

Downloading the mobile application specially prepared for the festival, the festival participants add balance to their accounts by paying online with their credit cards and make payments by scanning their special QR codes on the application points.

It has first been used at Gezgin Fest

For those who don't want to use smartphones or don’t want to add cash, there are shopping cards specially designed for the festival. Participants who want can purchase these special shopping cards and add balance. It should be noted that the spending of the shopping cards can be tracked via the mobile application through a unique QR code.

Of course, all the money that has been loaded on the card doesn’t have to be used. Participants can get their balance that is left over back at the end of the festival. Vendors use vendor applications on iOS and Android platforms to receive payments. They start receiving payment on the app they have downloaded on their phone before the festival, by entering their username and passwords they have created. EventPay Pro has been used at Gezgin Fest, which is a youth festival, for the first time.

Thanks to EventPay Pro, a total of more than 250 thousand purchases have been done in total at the festival that lasted 7 days - quickly and without any problems, with no cash and credit card. Let's say that the festival owners can introduce the festival on the iOS and Android mobile applications offered with an annual membership fee.

The application also includes features such as the daily program and stage calendar, concert and artist details, eating-drinking venues, workshops, festival map, directions, help, and frequently asked questions. EventPay Pro offers the opportunity for the owners of the festival to keep track of the entire shopping flow of the festival via the system, where they can access many details such as the most purchased item or the items that have been sold less.

EventPay Pro, which will be offered and used at other places such as beaches and hotels, aims to be the wallet application of the entertainment world in Turkey.

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