Albaraka accepted 11 startups to their acceleration programme

Albaraka accepted 11 startups to their acceleration programme

Albaraka Türk announced the 11 startups they will support during the second period of the startup acceleration center Albaraka Garaj which they had started last year. Albaraka Garaj, has chosen; Yubi, Aidatım.Net, NakitUp, Zenkronn, iCaked, Artıcan, Bir Yudum Kitap, Mixoper, Trace it Up, and Turnaco out of 505 initiatives that have applied for the Demoday event. In the meantime, it is worth mentioning that during the application period that continued approximately 61 days, a total of 505 startups from 50 different cities applied to Albaraka Garaj, the world's first start-up acceleration center in the field of participation banking.

A total of 21 startups that work in various fields from financial technology to robotics and augmented reality, passed the preliminary screening and interviewing stages of 505 candidates and were able to get to the finals. Finally, 11 startups who were judged by the jury under the "DemoDay event" were entitled to benefit from the acceleration program.

Albaraka Garaj, which received a total of 455 applications in 40 days from around 55 cities last year, increased this number with the extension of the application period. Out of all applications for Albaraka Garaj, which came in from all around Turkey, mostly from Istanbul, Ankara, Izmır, Bursa, Antalya and Kocaeli, 244 are experienced and 261 are new startups.

It is possible to see Yubi, Aidatım.Net, NakitUp, Zenkronn, iCaked, Artıcan, Bir Yudum Kitap, Mixoper, Trace it Up, and Turnaco, which got accepted to the startup acceleration program, more around the startup ecosystem in the following days.

Albaraka Türk General Manager Melikşah Utku indicating that they are starting to experience the benefits of the conversion cycle in the digital field expressed his thoughts on this matter with this words:

Technology continues to transform today's business world, particularly the financial sector. As Albaraka Türk, we are acting with the aim of becoming a pioneer for the banking sector and our country in this technological transformation. For our second period of Albaraka Garaj Startup Acceleration Center, we have received over 500 applications from over 50 cities across Turkey. After the finals, the 11 startups we will be supporting have been selected. We will continue to offer all the moral and material support that they would need under one roof.

Let’s take a look at the 11 startups that qualified for Albaraka Garaj.

YUBİ: YUBI, a chatbot initiative, allows companies and brands to log in to more than one platform with the chatbot.

Aidatım.Net: The SaaS startup, which provides features for the ongoing management processes of houses, buildings, and residences, such as remote meter reading, unlimited bank integration, and dedicated virtual POS, helps manage this whole management process from one place.

NakitUp:  As a digital promotion and brand loyalty application, NakitUP brings brands and retailers to consumers 'online and offline' platforms.

Zenkronn: Working on Robotic Process Automation, Zenkronn reduces the operational costs of companies and reduces the number of errors in their business processes by optimizing back-office applications and manual applications in the companies.

iCaked: iCaked which is a marketplace startup, allows its users to design their own cakes in 3D and then order them from registered confectioneries.

Artıcan: Artıcan, which perceives the stove smoke and informs the determined people and the fire department, is also a device that clears the smoke at the same time.

Bir Yudum Kitap: Bir Yudum Kitap, which we previously wrote about, emails stories and passages from books every morning, that can be read in 5 minutes. Bir Yudum Kitap also aims to be a platform where you can read unlimited books with the subscription model.

Mixoper: Mixoper, an on-site and remote support platform, offers artificial intelligence and augmented reality-based technology to its users.

Trace it Up:  Trace it Up, a new generation courier tracking system with artificial intelligence for field operations, mainly serving restaurants.

Salesfrontai: Offering solutions for companies to increase sales on monetizing proposals by adding marketing intelligence, financial payment, and mobile ease.

Turnaco:: Turnaco, an autonomous robot, designed to clean mosques as well as disinfecting the carpets with UVC rays and ozone gas.

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