Eleven Startups Accepted into StartersHub’s Accelerator Program

Eleven Startups Accepted into StartersHub’s Accelerator Program

StartersHub has selected 11 start-ups for its first cohort of its StartersHub XO accelerator program. This year, StartersHub XO will be held in association with B/S/H Home Appliances, Turkish Airlines and Unilever, and the target industries include Connected Living and Smart Homes, Life Sciences and Travel and Aviation Services.

During the accelerator programme, the startup companies receive a seed funding of $20K, mentoring services and access StartersHub’s partner network for project development. After six months, Startershub XO 2018 will make follow-on investments up to $250K in successful startups.

StartersHub announced the first two startup companies to join its Startuphub XO 2018 program as Quant.Co and Magin Tech. Other startup companies to form strategic alliance with the partners were also selected. They will also receive education and mentoring services. StartersHub XO 2018 will continue to add new startups offering Connected Living and Smart Homes, Life Sciences, and Travel and Aviation Services to its programme.

Quant.Co Software that reduces the penalty accrued by surplus or shortage estimating the amount of energy produced by a plant per hour.

MaginTech: Software that increases the profitability of a company by using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Smart Magnet: Online ordering with NFC-enabled fridge magnets

GramEvde: Delivers fresh ingredients and recipes straight to your doorstep every week.

Hoomy: Chatbot that communicates with all smart devices through instant messaging applications.

inMapper: Interactive in-house map navigation.

Milvus RoboticsMobile robots that automatize freightage and material transport.

Nanomik:  Produces natural preservatives for food.

NiceVeri: Inventory and asset tracking system for warehouses and factories.

QumparaAn application that offers gifts from shopping receipts, manages customer loyalty independently from sales channel, analyses real shopping activities, and allows aiming current and potential customers.

TIM: Provides wearable technology products while offering industry 4.0 solutions for increased productivity 

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