Sales Agreement - Ticket

Conferences organized by Webrazzi will be held on domain name with ticket sales and invitation entries. Ticket and fare information of Webrazzi conferences and post-sale rules are given below.

General Conditions

You can purchase as many tickets as you want, enter or update the user information (such as Name, Surname, Company Name and Position Information) of the tickets you have purchased through Webrazzi conference (s).

Persons who purchase ticket (s) through Webrazzi must enter their user information (such as Name, Surname, Company Name and Position Information) during the purchase for each conference. The user information in question can be updated up to 4 working days before each conference by contacting the Webrazzi via the contact form or by phone. The said information will be used in the badge and various announcements in the conference. Therefore, Webrazzi is not responsible for the conference participant's wrong name or misrepresentation in various announcements as a result of the wrong information.

Tickets can be purchased on Webrazzi without any number limitation, and Webrazzi can terminate ticket sales for the conference (s) if deemed necessary.

Persons purchasing ticket (s) through Webrazzi agree that Webrazzi has the right to change the reported conference date or to cancel the conference entirely.


You can find the fee information of the conference ticket(s) you want to buy on Webrazzi. It is also possible for people who want to purchase conference tickets to make their payments by money order: Garanti Bank Kalamış Branch - IBAN: TR TR21 0006 2000 3430 0006 2980 02

Your credit card payments are made through the 3D Secure System and your information will be protected at the highest level and your credit card information will not be recorded by Webrazzi unless otherwise stated by you.

People who purchase conference ticket(s) via Webrazzi can also use the "BKM Express" or "Pay with Iyzico" payment method if they wish. Your Credit Card information is stored on the well-licensed payment company iyzico by the BDDK.

For the security of your credit card and personal information, Webrazzi strives to take all precautions and take care within the framework of technical developments, and you should be careful about the protection of password information, use of an antivirus program, secure exit from the membership account for the security of your credit card and personal information. Webrazzi cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused by your own fault or negligence.

Right to Withdraw from the Contract

It is not possible to use the right to withdraw from the contract, as it is within the scope of the Law on the Protection of Consumers and the paragraph f of article 7, paragraph 4 of the article 7 of the Regulation on Distance Contracts, and the contracts related to the immaterial goods delivered to the consumer instantly.

Other Provisions

In case of any dispute about this contract or if you have any complaints about the service, you can reach Webrazzi through the communication channels below. Webrazzi may make changes to this User Agreement without prior notice to you. Therefore; We recommend that you review the User Agreement periodically.

Service Provider: Crenvo Bilişim Danışmanlık Reklam ve Tic. A.Ş.
Address: Bağdat Cd. Öncü Sk. Büyükhanlı Sitesi B1 Blok K:5 D:16 Suadiye/İstanbul
Telephone:0 (216) 3385603
Email: [email protected]

If the dispute cannot be resolved by compromise, you can apply to the Consumer Problems Arbitration Committee residing in the district governorship or governorship.