Webrazzi Hakkında

Founding and history of Webrazzi

Webrazzi, which has been founded in August, 2006, by Arda Kutsal, is a leading media company in Turkey which analyzes all developments on the internet in Turkey and all around the world. Being a website that is followed by the greatest influencers of the sector on a daily basis, Webrazzi includes a wide range of news and analyses from new website initiatives to investments in this field.

Since February of 2008, Webrazzi has expanded its range in the area of social media and digital marketing and has become the heart of digital in Turkey. Webrazzi specifically differs from other online publication with being the first to announce news and developments related to investment & startup ecosystems.

In 2014 Webrazzi has acquired sosyalmedya.co to grow their content field, and published Webrazzi English in order to appeal to the global market. In addition to Webrazzi English, one of the targets of Webrazzi is contributing to the development of a healthy internet ecosystem in Turkey through the insight local players will get by cooperating with other players in the global arena.

Conferences organized by Webrazzi

In addition to the many single-day (thematic) conferences in the fields of e-commerce, mobile, digital, financial services and entrepreneurship, Webrazzi organizes one of the most influential internet conferences of Turkey and the close regions called Webrazzi Summit, with thousands of domestic and foreign guests and hundreds of speakers.

You can take a look at the conference calendar of Webrazzi on Webrazzi Event which is organized every year and determines the agenda of the internet and technology world.

Products owned by Webrazzi

NativeSpot: You can publish self service ads on Webrazzi and sosyalmedya.co through our native advertising platform NativeSpot which we have published in April 2015. You can become a member of NativeSpot within minutes and introduce your brand, your campaign or startup to ‘premium’ media.

Webrazzi Store: Many new generation products expect you in our Webrazzi Store where you can find much more than a classic e-commerce experience with the online campaigns that we organize with leading companies all around the world and Turkey.

Webrazzi Etkinlikler: Startup events, meetups, the hackathons, trainings, competitions, career days, interviews, demo days… All events about the digital and technological world can be found on our Webrazzi Event platform.

Webrazzi Kariyer: Webrazzi Career, where you can review job announcements about the digital world.

Webrazzi Ödülleri: Since 2012, we are organizing Webrazzi Awards where we choose the best of the internet and technology world at the end of every year. There are millions of votes casted on Webrazzi Awards and if you like you can review the winners retrospectively.

Contact Webrazzi!

To contact the editors and authors of Webrazzi, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] or use the form in the contact section. For press release submissions, please use the address [email protected]

For applications to be an author on Webrazzi, you can use this form. In addition, you can introduce your startup to Webrazzi through this form.