Infinity Stories: Collective story writing application

Infinity Stories allows anyone who enjoys reading, writing and producing to create their own stories collectively.
Infinity Stories: Collective story writing application

In the early 2000s, "story" titles often appeared in especially in amateur dictionaries and forums. Every author would continue the story by adding a sentence or paragraph. Even though such topics did not appear with the end of the Forum period, it was actually very important in terms of improving one's writing ability and triggering the use of imagination.

Infinity Stories, a local application, continues this legacy of "continuing story" inherited from forum culture. Infinity Stories was launched on April 1, 2019, by İ​smail Nural ​and Mert Özçelenk for young people to adopt the habit of reading and writing.

Available for free on both iOS and Android platforms, Infinity Stories allows anyone who enjoys reading, writing, and producing collectively to create their own stories. Infinity Stories allows you to choose the direction of the story with the options at the end of the episodes and offers dozens of stories that will never end.

How to use Infinity Stories

The platform is really easy to use. After downloading Infinity Stories from the app store to your device, you should sign up to use the application. After the membership process, you view the stories in the system. When you come to the end of the story you choose to read, two options are offered. According to your choice, you read the story that someone has added before or you can write the story in your mind if no story was written before. Thus, an endless and entertaining cycle begins.

More than 2.500 downloads

Although it is a very new start-up, Infinity Stories has 135 users, 85 different chapters and 170 different breaking points. With more than 2.500 downloads, the application has been viewed for more than 4.500 times. The platform, which has not received an investment yet, aims to create revenue models, such as creating brand-specific stories and breaking points with the increase in the number of users and awareness, the possibility of creating special rooms for users with premium accounts, creating paid / free story types, setting daily reading limits and selling premium membership to remove limits.

Also note that Infinity Stories did not use any ready-made infrastructure during its development and İsmail Nural, one of the founders of the start-up, is one of the founding partners of the application called Miyipi

Infinity Stories' future goals include supporting and providing young people with the habit of reading and writing by continuing to improve the app through user comments and recommendations, offering different story reading / writing concepts depending on interest, opportunities for users to create private rooms, interaction and messaging between users, and even publishing the selected stories upon agreement with publishing houses.

You can download the application from the  App Store or Google Play Store.

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