Mobile quiz Hadi opened into Saudi Arabia

Mobile quiz Hadi opened into Saudi Arabia

  • Expected to be available in a couple of different countries, Hadi will firstly be available for Saudi users.

As a guest speaker at Webrazzi Digital 2019 realized last month, Hadi's founding partner Emre Ulusoy mentioned their plans for opening into new regions. Expected to be available in a couple of different countries following this announcement, Hadi was made available firstly to Saudi users in Beta version. The application is soon expected to be out of Beta completely.

Offering a new broadcast streaming for the application through the updates realized by the beginning of this year, Hadi is taking firm steps toward being an online TV app. Note that the application keeps on offering quizzes on various categories such as Hadi Magazine, Exclusive Pharmaton Quiz and Fizy Music Night for attracting various target audiences, as it keeps on testing new content. The company, recruiting new names for its team along with Müge Boz and Merve Toy during the past months, started broadcasting "Ailece Hadi/Hadi altogether with Family" and "Hadi Gamer" with Jahrein -famous with his Twitch streams.

Demonstrating a rapid growth with the innovations realized in Turkish market, Hadi also became part of significant sponsorships. It could be said that a new chapter is ahead for the application with its opening into the Saudi Arabian market. We'll all wait and see how Hadi will proceed in the Saudi Arabia market.

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