Sktchy: An exclusive social network for sketchers.

Sktchy: An exclusive social network for sketchers.

  • While displaying your artwork on Sktchy, you can also decide on what to draw next by using the pictures of users that choose to be a "source of inspiration".

If you're into drawing, it's no doubt that you have loads of artwork from pencil drawing to water color projects on your Instagram profile. You can come across many different types of such profiles once you take a glance at hashtags such as  #drawing or #sketches; while almost all accounts are of these profiles on Sktchy that created an exclusive social network for sketchers and artists.

One of the most challenging aspects of drawing is, in fact, deciding on what to draw next. Sometimes an idea spontaneously pops up in your mind, however most of the time I personally find myself glaring into a distance with the pencil in my hand, and then leave it where I've first taken. At this point, Sktchy aims at getting rid of the "being out of inspiration" problem. This is because Sktchy lets you decide on what to draw next by using the pictures of users that choose to be a "source of inspiration" as well while displaying your artwork.

Let's first note that Sktchy is available only for iOS users. You can create an account either using your e-mail address or your Facebook account once you download the app from App Store. You can then set yourself a profile picture and share as you like. There are two different picture uploading preferences in your profile: Art and Inspiration. You can upload a drawing of yours once you choose Art, and a picture for other artists present on the platform to draw once you choose Inspiration.

If you're into drawing and would like to receive daily inspirational recommendations, you can upgrade your account to Superstar for 32 TL /month. However, I personally think that this is not quite necessary since you'd come across lovely pictures once you start surfing through the profiles.

Those who'd like to try Sktchy can download it for free from App Store and create a membership.

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