Free, animated SVG icon gallery

A highly stylish and free animated icon gallery for you to download and use in your projects.
Free, animated SVG icon gallery

It's no doubt that the internet world loves projects free of charge. Not a day goes by without someone developing a free project and putting it into people's use. No matter if you create a single line of code, an icon or a gigantic system. What matters is the instinct that makes you create things and to offer them for free. 

Developers particularly learn themselves during the projects they offer for free, and what's more is that these projects provide them recognition, which creates a win-win situation in the business.

Today I'd like to share the Potlab Icons project with you, which is a free and animated SVG icon gallery. Potlab Icons is an icon gallery developed by Suresh Sakthivel. What makes it different from other galleries is that; you can download the file related to the icon of your choice, edit its color, depth or size and then use it in your project. 50 animated icons are currently available in this gallery offered free for personal and commercial use. 

Numerous icons of many kinds for you to benefit in your projects of almost every kind are available. You can easily edit the files and change the appearance of your project, even if you're not a professional software developer. It's also true that you'd have much more freedom for customization if you have coding knowledge. 

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