The application that combines "How it's made" videos with Stories: Tick.Done.

The application that combines

Designed for people to learn new things, Tick.Done. let's you create "How it's made" contents in the form of Stories. With the notion that social networks should include more useful content, Tick.Done focuses on information sharing over the community it builds through the application.

It's possible to consume several different contents over Tick.Done., if you don't feel like uploading content to the platform at first. You can easily view what Tick.Done users shared and the popular videos of the week on the main page. Likewise, you can also see the videos that received most views from this page.

On the other hand; you can reach content on many different categories from adventure to sports, from food to health and even to crafts on the ad's explore page. It's worth noting that you can easily reach content relevant to your interest or needs by this means.

You can see the number of episodes a video consists of and how many views it received, before watching the videos you like. You can also view the name of the content creator and the profile picture after clicking on the video. You can start the Stories by clicking the play button on the lower right and rewind the video in case you fail to understand a certain part.

You might later like to upload the content you created to Tick.Done. Note that you can easily create your recording through the app. Plus, it's possible for you to make all kinds of edits such as cropping, subtitling, adding or deleting on Tick. Done. before sharing your content. You can also view your content through the browser after sharing.

You can review the content created over the Tick.Done. website if you have any doubts on downloading the app. Tick.Done. only operates on iOS for now and the team states they're working on the Android app.

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