Different approach for finding locations: What3Words

Different approach for finding locations: What3Words

As mobile technology continues to evolve, location services have begun to improve as well. The different location services enable us to find the place we want to reach on the map with a very high accuracy rate especially in city centers.

When you are sending a location via WhatsApp, you know that your position is determined starting from a large circle, which gets smaller and smaller, while the WiFi and GPS you are connected to are very important. You can find your location somehow in the city, but it can vary considerably depending on your phone and the current signal quality.

The British startup What3Words has developed a very different way to completely eliminate this problem. This startup, which divides the world into 3 square meters, has given a name that contains 3 words to each square, and when you want to send a location, it is enough to share only this 3 words.

It is always possible to determine location by giving coordinates, but knowing and sharing these coordinates can be a very big problem. It can be a great advantage to have an address of just 3 words because it is impossible for you not to be within 3 m2.

This startup, which can provide a great convenience for e-commerce companies with its API, can help us to get rid of long and complex address entries and directional recipes. Both users and cargo systems can make location detection more convenient with this infrastructure.

The importance of this application for shipping companies is quite large, as well as the importance for autonomous vehicles and drone deliveries. Thanks to this startup, you can deliver with a drone an almost perfect delivery to any point in the world. At the same time, an autonomous taxi can pick you up exactly where you want and drop you off exactly where you want. This way, you will avoid possible errors.

Clara Jones, CCO of what3words, says that even places that don’t have an address get a clear address through this service, states that companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Sony, Intel and Deutsche Bank have invested in the company.

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