Do you wonder what the value of your Instagram posts is?

Do you wonder what the value of your Instagram posts is?

While social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram are just some of the time-consuming areas for some of us, many users get revenue from these platforms. Today, where being a social media phenomenon is transformed into a profession, many brands make their advertisements through these people to increase their visibility on the digital platforms.

On Instagram, where digital advertising is perhaps the most common, the sponsored content fee, which should be given per post of any phenomenon, continues to be the subject of interest for companies' budgets. Although these fees are subjective and vary from person to person, it is possible to make an average price with various algorithms, since certain criteria increase the visibility of the posts.

++ buzzweb, the San Francisco-based website, identifies the average cost to be paid to Instagram posts with the help of various categories. The platform, which is based on criteria such as the size of the audience, the quality of the audience which is possible to associate with the purchased followers, the interaction of the page, the location of the followers and similar expectations, is the basis for analyzing all of them in a single pot. When I tried a few pages, I found that the value of a single post of pages with an average of 10,000 followers ranged from 45 dollars to 55 dollars. When I see that a page with 13,000 followers where I know it's has organic followers is 155 dollars per post, it's not hard to see that other pages actually buy their followers. Of course, this should be taken into account that there might be an error of the algorithm.

How does the system distinguish the organic followers and the purchased followers?

The biggest factor in this is without a doubt the percentage of followers and people who like the posts. For example; While a page with 13 thousand followers gets around 500 likes on one post, a page with 10 thousand followers gets only 100 likes. In addition, the location of the followers- especially when we think of our country - is effective. While the followers of someone who has 13 thousand followers and lives in Turkey are mostly people from Turkey, you can see that other pages have many followers from Malesia and Indonesia.

In short, ++ buzzweb does not only measure the value of a post through this platform that it offers to users, it also helps you compare the phenomena you are curious about and understand the nature of the followers of the people you are advertising.

If you wonder what your post value is, you can find the page here.

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