Tarvenn invests in Bulduysan.com with a valuation of 1.2 million TL

Tarvenn invests in Bulduysan.com with a valuation of 1.2 million TL

Bulduysan.com, an initiative that facilitates finding lost items and pets has received an investment of 1,2 million TL from Tarvenn, an international investment and consulting firm based in Istanbul.

The number of valuable items such as telephones, watches, and computers that we carry with us during the day is increasing day by day. The density of city life increases the risk of losing these valuable items. We search wherever we may have lost our valuable belongings, and then we inform all the institutions and organizations where we might have forgotten our items. Even though we can get results from this time to time, mostly it is a waste of time.

Bulduysan.com, aiming to be the first solution that comes to mind in order to find lost items, wants to build a platform where they are able to bring together lost valuables and even pets with their owners. It is enough to use labels or key rings in different sizes and colors to reach the lost items through bulduysan.com.

How to use Bulduysan.com?

You need to buy labels or key rings, which are available in different sizes and colors at sales points or on Bulduysan.com, and then attach them to an item of your choice. Then, through Bulduysan.com, you need to make a quick activation by submitting contact information of you and a person close to you. No membership or service fee is required for this activation. If the person who finds your lost item calls 0850 480 00 80 or if he makes a lost notification via Bulduysan.com; the system notifies the owner of the label by SMS and email. The owner of the lost property and the finder can deliver the item among themselves, or the Bulduysan.com call center can organize a cargo for pickup and delivery.

Tarvenn's Founding Partner and General Manager, Mustafa Kopuk, who invests in startups through smart capital models at an early stage, said that they would continue to invest in all teams with ideas that create value. Mustafa Kopuk also said that Bulduysan.com has presented a great solution with a practical model that solves a big problem in our daily lives and that Bulduysan.com will be used extensively in the social benefit projects.

The founder of Bulduysan.com, Alper Seyrek, said that they aim to increase their sales points with the investment they received from Tarvenn.

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