Hurry Up! Only limited spots left for Startup Lounge

Hurry Up! Only limited spots left for Startup Lounge

Only a short time is left for Webrazzi Summit 2018, which will be held on October 17, 2018 in Istanbul. Webrazzi Summit 2018, as in previous years, will also host a special area for startups under the name “Startup Lounge”.

In May, we announced the launch of our Startup Lounge package, which offers significant opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs. After about 3 months, we have only limited spots left for our Startup Lounge. Startups who want to be part of the Startup Lounge must hurry up.

What does the Startup Lounge package offer?

The Startup Lounge package, which offers an invitation for the founding partner or startup employee for 2 people to the Webrazzi Summit 2018, also offers opportunities to meet potential customers, business partners and investors by taking part in the Startup Lounge area.

Let’s also add that the Startup Lounge gives a chance to meet close to 2000 Webrazzi Summit participants from Turkey and all around the world and get feedback from them. All of the startups that are still in the closed beta process or that have already been invested in and are in the growth phase can take part in the Startup Lounge area.

In the Startup Lounge area, we give each startup a table, where you can set up a computer or monitor to make presentations. Let us mention that the startups can distribute products to our participants, such as t-shirts or stickers of their companies.

The Startup Lounge package is available for purchase at a price of 5900 TL. You can buy your Startup Lounge ticket here.

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