Car-themed Turkish local puzzle game: RoboPark

  • Coming up with a new game, Beyazay Games has introduced a new Turkish local puzzle game called RoboPark.

Last year in October we had presented you a local puzzle game called Unblock Taxi, developed by Beyazay Games. Now, Beyazay Games has introduced a new Turkish local puzzle game called RoboPark.

RoboPark, which has been published last month, has been developed in 2 months. RoboPark: Car Parking Puzzle Game has 160 levels in total and contains 10 different car models. The aim of the game is to help the parking robots and move the cars to the right parking elevators.

RoboPark, which draws comparison to Sokoban, has a system where you can achieve up to 3 stars to pass a level. It is important to get the cars to their delivery point as fast as possible. You can achieve the most stars by delivering the cars as fast as possible.

Each level has an increasing difficulty level, and the car model changes every 10th level. If you make any mistake you can use the Undo button to undo your last 5 movements. RoboPark, which has a download rate of more than 15 thousand, is most popular in Russia, Vietnam, Poland, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia. If you’d like to download the game which is only available for Android right now, you can click here.

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