An application for buying or selling fruits and vegetables: CookMapp

An application for buying or selling fruits and vegetables: CookMapp

CookMapp is an online market place where people can exchange food and cultural experiences. The application is the same as online platforms for selling and buying of second hand goods, but with a slight difference. Here, users may sell or giveaway fruits or vegetables they breed in their gardens or fields. You have the chance to have a meal with a neighbor, meet new people and learn new cultures.

In March 2018, the mvp of CookMapp was designed and all codes were written by the software developer team. To date, CookMapp has been downloaded to more than 800 devices and it has more than 500 users. Founded by İskender Ekren, the startup plans to receive commission as guarantor to pay in future period, apart from market place income models.

It is very easy to use CookMapp. You can download the application from Apple or Google Play Store and create a profile with your Facebook or Google account. You can choose among the categories listed, see the products and you can send a message to the owner of a product. The prices are written with the products. The prices are determined per kg or per piece, depending on the preference of the seller.

CookMapp aims to stop unemployment and food waste by promoting production and sharing. The startup will receive investment soon.

You can download CookMapp to your iOS from App Store or to your Android from Google Play Store.

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