Prisync acquired its Australia-based competitor Spotlite

Prisync acquired its Australia-based competitor Spotlite

Prisync, the tech company that provides competitor price tracking & dynamic pricing services in the global e-commerce market, announced the acquisition of its Australia-based competitor Spotlite.

With this new acquisition, Prisync is positioned as the market leader of its industry in the Australian e-commerce market, where it currently serves many different brands. In fact, this new deal, which is the first acquisition of Prisync, is strategically important for the market leadership that the company targets worldwide.

The CEO of Prisync, Burç Tanır, stressed the importance of this acquisition with the following words:

Welcoming the Spotlite brand and its customers into Prisync family will go a long way in helping us sustain and grow Prisync’s presence within Australia and also in the wider APAC region, where we have been growing very rapidly by serving the biggest e-commerce brands of the region.

Emphasizing that the technology provided by the company is being used by more and more companies in the country every passing day, Samet Atdağ, the CTO of Prisync, stated the company's target with the following words:

With an ongoing focus on customer satisfaction, team-building and cutting-edge technology, we aim to become the go-to vendor for thousands of e-commerce companies in the global e-commerce market, when it comes to their pricing needs.

It is worth noting that the future for e-commerce pricing optimization is soundly promising. In fact, according to a survey by Statistica, this global market, which currently contains more than 10 million e-commerce sites and has a market share of $2,8 billion in 2018, is projected to grow to $4,8 billion by 2021.

In this fast-growing market, price competition is also expected to increase along with this growth. Therefore, it is possible to say that e-commerce companies will prefer more technologies like Prisync.

For over 5 years, Prisync has been fulfilling this need by providing its competitive pricing intelligence and pricing optimization software to hundreds of e-commerce companies from more than 50 countries, mainly in the USA, Canada & Europe. With the acquisition of Spotlite, which has a significant market share in Australia, the company gets much closer to its leadership targets in the global sense as well as in the Australian region.

Finally, note that Prisync is looking for new team members to contribute to its global growth adventure and to see the open positions varying from software development, marketing and sales in Prisync, visit their website.

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